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04 June 2009 @ 18:32
New layout! I decided to use a header image for once and so whacked one together out of icons in about 5 minutes (as everyone can probably tell) - I'm going to try and work on a better one. This reminds me, I must actually post some icons soon...

Eight exam papers down (and five of those were on three consecutive days), one to go... Nothing has been a total disaster so far: the chemistry and maths were fine, the history was (probably) OK and the biology was pretty horrid but I expected nothing less.

I gave in and bought the "final season" of Battlestar Galactica yesterday (thank you, student discount!) and yay finally for some better DVD extras (even if half of them are available on the internet) and pretty art card thingys! I feel a bit bad that I bought it for the same amount that a full season costs after a few months on sale but I gave in... Bearing in mind that I'm not at all watching them in order - I haven't seen any of Season 2! I've settled for basically reading BattlestarWiki. I think I know what's going on... And Mary McDonnell's hair is too pretty for words. I just thought I'd add that in there...

Also quite excited about the Ashes to Ashes final - I never really saw Life on Mars (I think my parents might have it on DVD though) but I like A2A. I felt really sorry for Chris last week and I don't like this Summers guy at all - how can he still be alive in the past from the future if he's dead in the past? (Did that make any sense?) I guess we'll find out... But then knowing Kudos, maybe not...
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05 April 2009 @ 15:40
Ok, so I'm bad at keeping this updated just like I knew I would be. Apparently it's been sixteen weeks since I last updated. Oops.... It's also probably been ages since I commented - I'm such an awful LJ friend.

I blame it mostly on the fact that nothing very interesting ever happens to me. I am learning to drive which is really quite terrifying but also really fun at the same time. The sort of thing that's really stressful when your actually doing it, but when you stop you just want to try again. The only thing that isn't fun is the parallel parking - I swear when I've passed my test I'm going to avoid doing that EVER again.

I've also been sucked in by 'Dexter', which completely isn't my fault - I'm doing a forensic science extra-curricular course and our teacher is obsessed by it which is fine by us because we don't really want to do any work anyway. We did do a practical last week, however, where we turned 2p coins gold using like 6 molar sodium hydroxide (for a school that's really quite strong). That was pretty cool. And so, of course, I've had to order the DVDs (on sale though, so it's not all bad).

I also ordered some Battlestar Galactica DVDs after hearing heaps and heaps of praise for it - it sounds like my kind of show - does anybody watch it? Is it as good as the reviews will have you believe? I've been totally spoiled for the entire show by my online researching but I don't care - I always arrive late to fandoms, consider the evidence:
  • Buffy (just as Season 7 began to air in the UK)
  • Firefly (like two years after it was cancelled)
  • The OC (really silly but fun, got Season 1 just as it was cancelled)
  • Spooks (seen bits of series 3 and 4 but started to properly watch in series 5, only four years after it started..... though I was probably a bit young to be watching series 1 and 2!)
Basically, I'm always behind on what's airing (which gives me a nice excuse for getting the DVDs).

In other news, I missed seeing Vincent and Flavia (from Strictly Come Dancing) when they came to our shopping centre to celebrate it's first birthday because they came on a Friday. And I was at college. :(

Tomorrow my friend is having a 24 hour Disney Filmathon - which I've agreed to attend but there is no way I will not fall asleep. As long as I get to see Lilo and Stitch I'll be fine (I've never seen it but I am completely obsessed with Stitch - he's mutant and he's blue and I want one). I don't function well on no sleep and we keep getting reminder emails that we're supposed to be revising over the holiday.... :(

It's quite sad that that's all the news I have. Now self, repeat after me: I will update more regularly, I will update more regularly... It's also probably been ages since I commented - I'm such an awful LJ friend. And the grade for this term is: must try harder. :)

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09 December 2008 @ 19:59
My (very, very general) reactions to Spooks series 7 with a (very, very detailed) reaction to a key character in 7.07 and 7.08.

Major spoilers for all of series 7.Collapse )
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 The LJ homepage tells me that I haven't updated in 5 weeks. Oops. I swear it hasn't been that long.

In any case, on to the reason for posting...

Spoilers for Spooks 7x01, 7x02 and 7x03Collapse )

Also (and I'm sorry it's a bit late), Happy Birthday, themoooly ! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)
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 First up, I am SO sorry that I've been such a bad LJ friend recently. I'm just about to catch up with all your posts in the past couple of weeks. Better to join the party late than never. :)

Mainly my time has been taken up with a hugely hectic school/work/life schedule. I'm really enjoying being at college, but we aren't half having to work hard! I reckon that we're also solely responsible for keeping our local WH Smith running - the amount of paper/pens/folders etc needed for these courses is incredible!

I come back to find that there is still no Spooks 7 press release - where is it, BBC? Can we have it now? Pretty please? And that Strictly Come Dancing is still awesome. It might sound lame - but I love it! Especially Austin. And Anton. :)

Also... went to a sing-a-long Mamma Mia! with my friend just before school started. Was fabulous - although there weren't very many people, which was a shame. There was also great excitement when, just as we were about to launch into 'Voulez-vous?' the screen went black and shut off, and we were all thinking that we didn't remember this part happening the first time, when we were told we all had to evacuate the building. Never found out the reason why, but we did get to see the end of the film and sing 'Voulez-vous?' So all was good and happy, and Mamma Mia! was still ridiculously great. Now I just have to wait for the DVD...

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01 September 2008 @ 16:44
 New layout! I felt like a bit of change, especially with college starting and everything. I might even get around to making a header for it - which would be exciting and, also, a miracle!

Started at John Lewis this weekend - worked Saturday and Sunday (because of having an induction period) and I think my feet might have fallen off. I enjoyed it but, hell, was I tired afterwards. Unfortunately, they haven't given us name badges yet - so we have to suffer the 'excuse me, do you work here' question. 

Am also very excited because I've just watched the BBC's Autumn drama preview video on the press office website. Whilst several things caught my eye, the reason for my extreme giddiness is Spooks. 

Spooks Series 7 spoilers under the cut...Collapse )
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13 August 2008 @ 14:31
35 Buffy and Serenity icons. Because everything Joss shoots is pretty.

don't warn the tadpoles!Collapse )
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09 August 2008 @ 15:17
I got the job at John Lewis! It's the first time I've had a paid part-time job (I did some gymnastics coaching for my gym coach for free) and I'm quite excited. Also dead amused by the introductory DVD they sent - lots of smiling workers and catchy music. They pay £4.79 an hour, which is pretty good and I got a job in Womenswear/Accessories which I'm pleased with.

Also, I bought a pair of jeans in the sale at Gap. So all in all, a good day. :)
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07 August 2008 @ 16:37
I've just got back from seeing Mamma Mia! again at the cinema and have the following things to say:

1. Julie Walters is still fantastic. I go as far as to say she's the best thing in this movie.
2. I still cannot not like Meryl Streep. She is fabulous.
3. Pierce Brosnan is still not as bad as he could have been. His singing still does not make my eardrums bleed.
4. Some of the camera work/direction is a little dodgy. Anyone else noticed that during 'SOS' Pierce is singing and yet you can only see his chin in the top of the frame?
5. Sophie's friends got a bit annoying this time. At least they don't have too much screen time.
6. Did I mention Julie Walters?
7. It's still one of the best feel-good films of the year. It's shiny and colourful and catchy and silly. It may not have the best direction/plot line/singing/acting/all the songs (delete as appropriate), but it isn't half fun. I stand by my liking of it.

In other news, I went for a part-time job interview at John Lewis yesterday. They call it a 'group assessment' and they're probably right to do so - they don't ask questions or make you talk about yourself, they just ask you to participate in team exercises. I quite enjoyed it for a job interview, and would like to get a job there (when you're on holiday you find out just how much you need to have a job to finance going into town all the time!). I think it well, so fingers crossed.

On a different note: does anyone know when Series 7 of Spooks is likely to air? I've seen plenty of trailers for Spooks Code 9 and don't know whether I'll watch it - I love Spooks a lot (and get a little, teeny, tinsy bit obsessed whenever a new series comes on) and I have a feeling that I won't like watching a bunch of young people run around saving the world and partying hard knowing that Harry et al have perished in terrorist attacks. That might just be me? But with Code 9 being on from August to September, does anyone know is Spooks 7 will have it's usual September air date?

Other than that - I'm back from France now (as you might have guessed) and am enjoying it being a bit cooler and less dusty. I love going on holiday but I'm a real homebird and am always happy to get home. And it meant I could go and see Mamma Mia! again... I'm not obsessed... not all.

And there is absolutely no way that I am listening to the soundtrack right now. Now way. No way at all...

Just ignore the 'music' box and you might believe me. :)
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20 July 2008 @ 11:25

We're on holiday in France for two weeks, and sadly 'bonjour' is just about the extent of my French, Spanish having always been my preferred language. It's so awful - every time I think about how to say something, I automatically think of the Spanish. Still, it's very pretty and the weather is nice - it's hot! Having been stuck in English rain, the heat makes a nice change!

Also, I love technology! Here I am, in France, and the laptop works perfectly, internet settings the same as always - it's fab. It feels nice to be able to keep in touch with the world back home and the fact that we can get English TV is a plus (although not really in the holiday spirit!).
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